Save a Million Ltd is a new organisation made up of highly experienced and passionate people. We are a registered health promotion charity and seek to reduce non-communicable disease levels in Australia by saving lives and cost. As part of this we are setting up a range of challenges to inform and involve anyone who is interested.

Our Team

Alistair Gee, Founder & CEO

Alistair’s focus is reducing social problems, including preventable deaths, and their cost at scale. As part of this he has been Co-Convenor of Make Poverty History, a movement of over 100 international development agencies pursuing the MDGs, especially reducing child and maternal mortality. He has also been Co-Founder of the Centre for Armed Violence Reduction, CEO of Act for Peace and COO at the Institute for Economics and Peace, each of which work to reduce violent injury and its cost. Alistair has been Chairman of nearly a dozen other organisations or committees working to reduce social harm. He is an honorary lecturer at the University of Sydney and was a lawyer prior to 2005.

A/Prof. Philip Alpers, Director

Philip is a faculty member at the University of Sydney School of Public Health. He is Co-Founder of the Centre for Armed Violence Reduction and Founder of GunPolicy.Org. He is recognised among the ‘Top 100: The most influential people in armed violence reduction’. Philip has published extensively on injury reduction and in the past year achieved a media reach of 3.4 billion people.

A/Prof. John Stevens, Director

John is a health sociologist and Associate Professor with Southern Cross University’s School of Health and Human Sciences. He co-founded the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine, works closely with the world’s leading scientists in Lifestyle Medicine and is one of Australia’s foremost experts on illness prevention and chronic disease management. With over 30 years of experience in health practice, teaching and research, John now specialises in translating complex scientific information into easy to understand knowledge and skills.

Roland Tam, Senior Advisor

Roland is an Executive Director and Investor in start-ups with diverse experience across the Education, Financial Services and Technology sectors. He is the Co-Founder of Spacer / Parkhound, a multi-award winning tech platform and brings deep experience volunteering in the not for profit sector. His passion is in growing initiatives from early stage to scale, applying technology to disrupt traditional operating models. Roland holds a Masters in Applied Finance and a Bachelor of Laws (Hons) & Economics from the University of Sydney.

Liz Stevens, Content Coordinator

Liz has worked in film and television for the past 25 years. Until recently, Liz ran the documentary unit at Screen Australia, the federal government screen agency, a position she held for 10 years. Whilst there she supported the development and production of over 1,000 hours of documentaries, travelled extensively to international markets, led an enthusiastic team and was a member of the senior leadership group. Liz is a problem solver and a great creative collaborator. With a background as an independent producer, she has worked in story development, film finance, production, marketing and distribution in both documentary and drama. She has produced a feature film, a collection of documentary shorts, is currently working on several documentary projects and teaching creative writing.

Roslyn Gee, Education Coordinator

Ros has worked in education for over 25 years in a range of positions and institutions. She has a Masters of Education Leadership and Management as well as a bachelor degrees in law and eduction.

Save a Million currently has 26 researchers. Here are some of them:

Dr Christine Apostopoulos, Researcher

In addition to her BSc (Hon) and PhD, Christine has recently completed a Master of Public Health at the University of Sydney. Christine’s focus for Save a Million is on preventive initiatives that might save cardiovascular related deaths and costs, with the savings gained contributing to partly fund the implementation of these programs in Australia. 

Nadera Rahmani, Researcher

Nadera’s Save a Million research is on the potential for saving lives and cost through road safety programs. Nadera is a qualified pharmacist with a Masters of Public Health and over 7 years of professional experience in health service delivery; public health management; strategic communication; workforce development and health education; community health including with marginalised communities. Nadera is currently working as a Program Management Consultant at Asia Injury Prevention (AIP) Foundation in Vietnam.

Teresa Uymatiao, Researcher

Teresa’s contribution to the Save A Million research project is focused on programs that have potential for savings lives and costs in the dementia and falls prevention space. She has been working as a physiotherapist for the past 5 years whilst finishing her Masters and hopes to make an impact on public health not only in Australia but internationally as well.

Kamal Verma, Researcher

Kamal’s Save A Million research is on the potential for saving lives and cost through Tracheal, Bronchus and Lung Cancer prevention.

Aleen Arif, Researcher

Aleen’s research for Save A Million is on saving lives and costs from the threat of Tuberculosis. His research interests are disease prevention and health promotion, specifically primary diseases and sexual health.

Yihang Fan, Researcher

Yihang’s Save A Million research is on the potential for saving lives and cost through cervical cancer prevention and HPV vaccine programs.

Xinqi Li, Researcher

Xinqi’s Save A Million research is on the potential for saving lives and cost through falls prevention programs.

Reng Yu, Researcher

Reng’s Save A Million research is on the potential for saving lives and cost through breast cancer prevention programs.

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